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Lisa Buyer

Author, Creator, PR Disruptor in the Metaverse, The Buyer Group

About this speaker

Course creator, coach, connector, and collaborator.

🦚 On a mission to inspire + educate brands and women

✨Tap into superpowers of PR Metaverse, SEO, Social Media, AR, VR, and tech.

🏆 Meta-Certified Lead Trainer (July 2022)

Founder of

👩‍🎤 Female Disruptors - a community, magazine, and movement spotlighting and leveling up the success of women and all minorities.

🎓 The Buyer Group - A digital PR media and training company

Podcast Host

🎧 Social PR Secrets - a real-time audio experience discussing the latest trends in digital PR and marketing culture

☀️ Digital Detox Secrets - Taking her book to the digital airwaves, Lisa taps into the health and wellness side of the business and the metaverse

Speaker, Educator, and Evangelist

🧠Mental health and wellness in a digital world

✨Empowering women to disrupt and become unstoppable

🪐PR in Web3 and the Metaverse

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Digital Wellness & Marketing in the Metaverse

Lisa Buyer