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Heather Parady

Building Community & Onboarding Newbies in Web3

A Talk by Heather Parady (Host of Create Community Podcast)

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About this Talk

The internet may be changing, but our human desire for connection is not. Community building will be more important than ever in Web3. Whether you're a seasoned community manager or you're just getting started in social media, you don't want to miss this summit session. Heather Parady, community strategist, joins us to talk all about the role community will play in Web3, including:

• Why cultivating your community in Web3 will be key

• How to onboard newbies in Web3

• Tips for keeping your community engaged

• Ways that community building can fuel NFT projects, and more!

About The Speakers

Heather Parady

Heather Parady

Host of Create Community Podcast