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Cultivating and Managing a Community of 200,000 Active Users

A Talk by Santi (Community Director, Star Atlas)

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About this Talk

Announcing our SURPRISE guest speaker! We're excited to share that we have an EIGHTH speaker added to our Metaverse Social Summit lineup, the Community Director of Star Atlas! Star Atlas is an epic Metaverse game and their community Discord group has over 200,000 active users and 30 moderators, including 8 paid moderators. Our special guest speaker covers everything about how to manage a large community, including:

  • What it really takes to grow and cultivate a community of that size
  • The challenges of managing a large community
  • How to get noticed in a community you want to work for
  • What's really needed behind the scenes
  • The difference between social media and community management in Web3
  • The future of community management

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Community Director, Star Atlas