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Eric 'ERock' Christopher

How to Win MetaClients in the Web3 Economy

A Talk by Eric 'ERock' Christopher (CEO, BizFamousTM Media Group)

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About this Talk

A big question on everyone's mind is 'How do I get Web3 clients?' We know that digital marketing and social media is headed into the Metaverse, so how do we ensure we're ready to take on Web3 clients, and what will working with these clients look like? Eric 'ERock' Christopher joins us in this summit session to teach us his tried-and-tested tips for winning MetaClients in Web3, including:

  • How to get your first Web3 client
  • What's important to Web3 clients + what they're looking for in an SMM
  • Ways to engage and network in this community
  • What you need to know once you land a client
  • Tools and platforms to help in your Web3 development
  • Plus, protecting yourself from scammers and rug pulls

About The Speakers

Eric 'ERock' Christopher

Eric 'ERock' Christopher

CEO, BizFamousTM Media Group