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Jesse Jameson

Making Money in the Metaverse for Marketing Pros

A Talk by Jesse Jameson (Host, Metaverse Nomads)

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About this Talk

The Metaverse is a new frontier for ALL of us, and it can be difficult to navigate when getting started. Between blockchain, crypto, and the anonymity that can come with Web3, determining whether potential clients/projects are legitimate and worth taking on is a learned skill. Jesse Jameson joins us in this summit session to share his expert tips on choosing projects and making money in the Metaverse, including:

  • How to vet projects and potential clients
  • Getting paid in the Metaverse (fiat vs. crypto, coin, or NFTs)
  • Finding the right clients to work with
  • Determining whether a project is worth your time
  • High-level projects you should be paying attention to
  • Positioning yourself as an authority or expert in a certain niche in the space

About The Speakers

Jesse Jameson

Jesse Jameson

Host, Metaverse Nomads